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Cocoya story

Laurine and Arthur left France for Costa Rica in 2016, intending to launch an initiative that would combine the know-how of their country of origin with the richness of their destination’s local products.

They promptly discover the cultivation of cocoa beans…

Pastry chef Laurine recalls the pralines of her youth and adapts that very old recipe to the tasty beans.

Driving from his passion for pre-Columbian history, Arthur suggested to give them a golden wrap, in reference to how cocoa beans were used as a barter currency by the Mayas.

And Cocoya was born !


We are


Co-founder of Cocoya, created the recipe and is in charge of production. Laurine leverages her creativity and adventure spirit to roam the world and discover its richness.


Co-founder of Cocoya, Arthur uses his audacity and perseverance to manage sales and communications. Arthur’s passion is history and travels, with the simple goal of getting to know other cultures and sharing his own with others.